Sunday, April 29, 2007

Aesma Daeva - Bio

In addition to the interview that will get posted tomorrow (of course I'm making you wait! My Evil Twin is in ascendence! MWAHAHAHA!), here's a little bio the band sent me to share with all of you:

Aesma Daeva formed out of the early collaboration of N Copernicus (production) and John Prassas (guitars, composition) in LaCrosse Wisconsin circa 1988. Their original projects saw them working together on a remix of "Darkness" for COP International compilation disc Diva-X-Machina II. As their project began taking a new shape, a second new track "Stay," caught the eye of Adrian Hates (Diary Of Dreams) at Accession records Germany, who published their first full length album "Here Lies One Whose Name Is Written In Water." At this point, Aesma Daeva, the operatic, symphonic, metal band, took official shape. The original female operatic vocals were performed by Rebecca Cords all composition and guitar was performed by John Prassas, with production and other work done by N Copernicus.

After the release of their first album, Rebecca Cords departed from the band and Melissa Ferlaak (along with two other temporary vocalists) began recording with Aesma Daeva for their second album "The Eros of Frigid Beauty." After the release of Aesma Daeva's second album "The Eros of Frigid Beauty" in 2002, demand for live music soon drove John Prassas to find musicians capable of portraying the complex music best on a stage.

In January of 2002, John Prassas asked Earl Root to play guitar at his side, Craig Ohren to offer drum assistance (while also tweaking some older songs' drum pieces), and Melissa Ferlaak to sing for live performances. The new album “The Eros of Frigid Beauty” was released on Root of all Evil records. Things quickly increased when Aesma Daeva played Metalfest in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Such popular metal magazines such as Unrestrained!, Terrorizer, and Metal Maniacs deemed Aesma Daeva "One of the Highlights of Metalfest 2002." Later, in August of 2002, Aesma Daeva journeyed to Mexico for Festival Obscuro IV (presented by Dilemma Entertainment) to play along such acts as Tristania, Maldorar, and HIM.

In 2003 John decided it was time for the band to move to a new level. Writing began for a new album to be produced by Grammy award winning producer Neil Kernon. Many set backs and line up changes happened during this period. The last line up change which may have spelled the end for aesma daeva was on October 11, 2005 when singer Melissa Ferlaak announced she was leaving to join the Austrian band Visions of Atlantis. Her final show with Aesma Daeva was in December 2005 at the Star Central club in Minnesota. The concert was filmed for the DVD, Last Rites, which is currently set for 2006/2007 release.

After the Departure of Melissa Ferlaak the search for vocalists began. With previous songs being written specifically for Melissa's voice. Time was needed to find a new soprano and learn the strengths of the new soprano's voice. Within a few months new found vocalist Lori Lewis proved to be the best compliment to the band. With her knowledge of many different styles of music and much thicker voice which cut through the guitars aesma daeva quickly rose to their highest level in ages.

Aesma Daeva's new album is scheduled to be released in march 2007. With mixing and recording being handled by grammy award winning producer Neil Kernon ( Nevermore, Hall and Oats, Queenreich). The album will mark a new era for Aesma Daeva in their quest for high quality original material.


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