Sunday, March 25, 2007

Interview With Diablo Swing Orchestra

Combining Metal and Classical with Swing, the Diablo Swing Orchestra is nothing like you've ever heard before. So it was pretty cool to be able to interview their guitarist and vocalist, Daniel Hakansson.

How did you come up with the name Diablo Swing Orchestra?

The name is just a version of the band our ancestors played in. They were called “the devil’s orchestra” and the name Diablo Swing Orchestra comes from that.

How did you get the idea for "Balrog Boogie"?

We wanted something that acknowledged our roots and what music we enjoy but at the same time sounded new and fresh. The final sound of the song came together in the studio though.

How influential has SF, Fantasy, and Horror been to your music, and how influential do you think it has been to music in general?

Not too much for us actually, we tend to get the inspiration other sides of life when it comes to the music. However, for the genre in general I think it’s has made a great impact, especially for the lyrics and images.

Where do you see the blending of Classical with Rock and Metal going in the near future?

We think there are too many bands copying each other and using the same bricks over and over to build their songs. The audience need something new for the genre to stay vital and interesting and that’s where we come in ;)

What's in the future for Diablo Swing Orchestra?

A new record, a video for "Balrog Boogie" and lots and lots of gigs.


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