Monday, April 16, 2007

Interview With Melinda S. Reynolds

I first encountered Melinda S. Reynolds's artwork at The Sword Review and quickly became a fan. Among her other talents is writing and being a hotty redhead. Her artwork, "Black Sheep Dragon" is currently on the cover of SR's 25th Issue.

An artist and a writer. How did so much talent end up in one package?

lol, don't know; just luck, I guess. There were no art classes offered when I went to school (elementary and high school); and I really, really hated writing stuff in English classes (I made all A's just to be certain I would never have to do that again ;-) ) I started sketching first in my early 20's; then I tried my hand at editing, which led to writing.

In what ways does illustration and writing influence each other?

For me, quite a bit. When writing, I find that sketching out scenes or characters aids in my narratives and decriptions (esp. action scenes); with art, the ability to tell a story transfers easily to drawing the 'story' -- so I hope my art relays more than something 'interesting to look at'.

How much, if any, influence does music have with your artwork and writing?

With art, music has no influence on me (sorry); however, with writing, I've recently found myself matching action scenes to certain types of music and it helps in the pacing quite a bit. Music also helps me keep the pace in check, and leave the strongest for last.

What would be one of the first things you would tell an artist just starting out? A writer?

O boy, that's a toughie... Well, for artists, I'd say don't be discouraged. Art is very subjective, SOMEONE out there will love what you do; you just have to wait until they find you :-) For writing: You have to enjoy writing for yourself first; discouragement will always be around the corner, but if you like your work then others will see that and hopefully understand what you're trying to do.

Anything new in the works?

I always have new art projects waiting at the sidelines. I'm part of an artists' group that will have their work displayed at the Audubon State Park Museum (Henderson, KY) for two months. I have a few stories and a bookcover to illustrate. As for writing, just polishing up my Angel Warriors trilogy.

*artwork Copyright 2007 Melinda S. Reynolds


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