Monday, December 18, 2006

Evanescence - The Open Door

The new CD from Evanescence, titled The Open Door is more personal in nature than the songs on their debut CD, Fallen, but maintains the same dark, haunting quality that Evanescence is known for. "Lithium" is about struggling with deep depression and contains the same emotional power that "Tourniquet" did on their debut CD. Then there is the song that's clearly about obsession, titled (ironically enough) "Snow White Queen." But there are also more "light-hearted" songs such as "Call Me When You're Sober." Okay, not exactly a light-hearted song, but lighter than the rest. All-in-all, the music's great with even more of the haunting Classical Symphony/Metal sound, the lyrics are meaningful, and Amy Lee's vocals, as always, are superb.

Best Song: "Lithium," hands down. Although, the song, "Like You", which is about mourning over a deceased loved one and longing to be reunited, is an extremely close second.

Coolest Part: Of course, a song about obsession goes on my list of potential wedding songs (assuming I ever get married). "You belong to me, my Snow White Queen..." MWAHAHAHA!

Gripe: Although the CD is everything you could expect from an Evanescence CD, it just doesn't seem to contain the same "Wow!" factor that Fallen did. While some songs are better than what was on Fallen, the overall effect of the CD just doesn't compare.

Best to listen to while reading/writing: Dark Fantasy, Magic Realism, and any kind of SF/F/H with a dark romantic twist to it.

Format: Audio CD
Label: Wind-Up
List Price: $18.98


Anonymous Pixy said...

I really love this CD. It's my favorite for when I sketch.

5:03 PM  
Blogger Scott M. Sandridge said...

Hi Pixy, :)

The CD's great at giving the right kind of atmosphere for that.

8:24 PM  

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