Monday, October 16, 2006

Kitty Goes to Washington by Carrie Vaughn

Werewolf and radio host Kitty Norville gets subpoenaed by the Senate to testify at a hearing on behalf of supernaturals. But when she gets to Washington she finds herself embroiled in the politics of the Washington underworld as a fundamentalist senator attempts to expose her as a monster. While dodging the "protection" of the city's vampire mistress, she has an affair with a Brazilian werejaguar and teams up with a tabloid paparazzi photojournalist to unmask the mysterious traveling cult that first appeared in the previous novel.

All-in-all, Kitty Goes to Washington is a fun read and just as good as Kitty and the Midnight Hour. You get to see more of Kitty's newfound independent streak, and there's plenty of humor mixed in with the action and drama. Vaughn also reveals more of the diverse supernatural underworld, especially how the Washington underworld differs from Denver. Political intrigues and surprising plot twists keep you reading all the way through just to find out what happens next.

Publisher: Warner
Paperback:360 pages


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