Thursday, August 24, 2006

Epica - We Will Take you with Us

This DVD provides 2 studio sessions: one that involves the whole band with a small string symphony and a choir, and an "unplugged" acoustic session. In addition, there is also a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the sessions. In the Extras features you will find Epica's first two music videos, "The Phantom Agony" and "Feint", along with a making-of featurette for each. There are also other goodies like Weblinks, etc.

The songs played are from their 2003 CD, The Phantom Agony. Three of the songs ("Façade of Reality," "Cry for the Moon," and "Seif al Din") create a mini-concept about religion in general, the Judeo-Christian religions in particular. The rest of the songs range from philosophical ("The Phantom Agony") to personal and emotional ("Illusive Consensus"). 5.1 Surround Sound is the preferred way you'll want to listen to this DVD, but there is a stereo option for those who don't have the 5.1. The acoustic session also includes the cover of "Memories" from the musical, Cats, and I must say I've never heard it sung better. Simone's mezzo soprano voice has a way of making even their edgiest and heaviest songs sound heavenly.

We Will Take You with Us is a perfect companion to The Phantom Agony, but it is also a must-have for Epica fans. In the behind-the-scenes sections you learn a lot about how they got together, their musical goals and aims, and the tragic event in Holland that inspired the song, "Feint". You'll likely end up playing this DVD on an almost daily basis.

Format: Color, NTSC
Studio: The End Records
Price: $17.98


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